What kind of lighting comes with the studio?

In the daily price of the studio, wonderful, natural daylight is included. For any additional lighting please contact us for information.


So what else do I get for my money?

For your money you get a clean and tidy studio with a make up and hair prep area, styling area with steamer, table tops for prep work, seating for your crew, a coffee and tea station and several 4x8 b/w reflector foams.


Why can't I rent it for an hour or two?

We only rent by the day because hourly rentals don't cover the cost of clean ups, painting and maintenance.


What about non paying portfolio shoots?

Yes, we give discounts for non paying portfolio shoots, just let us know ahead of time.


My models have flaked, when can I let you know about cancelling?

Obviously let us know as soon as possible. 50% of the estimate total is due upon booking. Job cancellation within 72 hours = 25% of fees, plus all incurred expenses. Job cancellation within 48 hours = 50% of fees, plus all incurred expenses. Job cancellation within 24 hours = 100% of fees, plus all incurred expenses. 
Sorry we run a business and try are best to accommodate everyone.